I am in the process of getting Christmas music together for the recital in December.  That is always a fun thing for me to do.  There are some really fun pieces I hope some of my students will be able to play.  I even found a song that I absolutely love playing.  I’m considering doing it for the recital, so you all know that I can actually play piano.  🙂  But I’m finding that it isn’t as easy as I first thought.

Oh, I can play the piece all right.  I can play it in tempo with the right dynamics and the right rhythms and all that stuff.  The thing I am having a problem with is MEMORIZATION.  Do you remember when you were a child?  It seems like children have great abilities when it comes to memorization.  I could play a piece for a week and have it memorized.  I could learn my choir music easily.  But now?  Oh good grief!  I am having such difficulty trying to memorize this piece.  Is it age?  Did I really get old and forget how to do that?

The thing is, I expect all the students to have their pieces memorized by the time of the recital.  If I want to play this piece, I can only give myself the same expectation that I give my students, which is to have it memorized.  I have been working on memorizing the first page for a month!  That is crazy!  And I still don’t have it down.  There are only 3 pages!  Mrs. Rohr had better kick it up a notch so she can get this done.

If you don’t hear me play at the recital, it isn’t because I can’t play. (I play at church often.) It is because I couldn’t get the piece memorized!  🙂

Look for your children to be coming home with some Christmas music soon.  I know you probably don’t want to hear “Jingle Bells” this early in the season, but if we want to have the music memorized, we need to start soon.