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David and Julianne

Another Season

Piano lessons started for fall this Monday and I am enjoying seeing all my students again.  After our June recital, I was so sad to see four students move away.  That is what happens when you live in an area like this, though.  Military people are here for a few years and then gone.  I always end up with more students, though.  I have some really great families already and have added 6 new families!

My website is updated–thanks to my wonderful husband.  I am especially happy about my studio “makeover.”  Again, my husband was the one who spearheaded that!  I was asking his opinion about hanging a poster on some wall and he told me that he couldn’t even look at the wall because it was full of soot. (because I love to burn candles.)  He decided we needed to paint–not just the walls, but the ceiling, since the soot was also on the white ceiling.  And…as things often go in our house, he decided he needed to build me a new desk, some shelves, refinish the floor and move the freezer…So we got started bright and early on Saturday (Yes, the Saturday before lessons started on Monday.)  We spent the entire day painting with some help from our oldest son’s friends.  (Thank you Alex, Adam, and Christina!)  And we did a coat of  polyurethane on the floor before bed.  Early on Sunday morning, we went to Home Depot to get more paint for the accent wall and finished painting another coat.  My husband built me a desk while I put another coat of poly on the floor.  When the desk was finished, I got to paint it.  It fits perfectly in the corner of my studio.  We hung pictures and stuff on Sunday night and moved everything back in. We make a great team!  It was a packed full weekend!  Needless to say, I will not be burning anymore candles.  I do have a wax melting device given to me by a wise parent.  I can get the lovely smell without the dirt.

Well, the week has been great so far!  I’ve met most of my new students and got to catch up with my regulars.  I’ve been enjoying finding some new material for the year and can’t wait to share it with you all.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful year.

Lessons for beginning and continuing students

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All Ages – Beginners to Advanced – Our students range from 3 to 63. No matter the skill level, piano lessons are rewarding for students of all ages.

Regular Concerts and Recitals –  Recitals and concerts are held throughout the year providing students with performance experience to help build confidence. Group lessons, flexible make up times, music theory and composition set Julianne’s Piano Studio apart.

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Mrs. Julie Rohr


    Christmas Recital

    Our Christmas Recital was at Community Church of Chesapeake on December 8th at 3:30. It was a great place to have our recital and the piano sounded wonderful.  I loved hearing the students play their completed pieces.  Everyone did a great job!  These are some of the students that participated

    Maddie played "O Come All Ye Faithful".
    Maddie played “O Come All Ye Faithful”.


    "Sing We Now of Christmas" was played by Grant.
    “Sing We Now of Christmas” was played by Grant.


    Evelyn did a lovely job with "Deck the Halls"
    Evelyn did a lovely job with “Deck the Halls”


    Darrah played "We Three Kings."
    Darrah played “We Three Kings.”


    "God Bless All" was played by Kate.
    “God Bless All” was played by Kate.


    Rachel put the spirit into "The Christmas Song."
    Rachel put the spirit into “The Christmas Song.”


    "The Little Drummer Boy" was played by James.
    “The Little Drummer Boy” was played by James.


    Dylan did a fabulous job with "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year."
    Samuel played “Away in a Manger.”


    Megan did a great job with "Joy to the World."
    Megan did a great job with “Joy to the World.”


    Emily played "O Come Little Children."
    Emily played “O Come Little Children.”


    Seth put some rhythm into "Pat-a-Pan."
    Seth put some rhythm into “Pat-a-Pan.”


    Alexa played "The Night Before Christmas."
    Alexa played “The Night Before Christmas.”


    "The Elf's Silver Hammer," was played by Mira.
    “The Elf’s Silver Hammer,” was played by Mira.


    Emily made us wish for snow by playing "Snowfall."
    Emily made us wish for snow by playing “Snowfall.”


    Brendan did a great job with "Snowy River."
    Brendan did a great job with “Snowy River.”


    "Silent Night" was played by Ethan.
    “Silent Night” was played by Ethan.


    Lea played "Deck the Halls."
    Lea played “Deck the Halls.”


    Jonah made "A Holly Jolly Christmas," very festive.
    Jonah made “A Holly Jolly Christmas,” very festive.


    Rebekah played "Christmas Rhapsody" beautifully.
    Rebekah played “Christmas Rhapsody” beautifully.


    "The First Nowell," was played by Mikey.
    “The First Nowell,” was played by Mikey.


    Jordan looked regal playing "We Three Kings."
    Jordan looked regal playing “We Three Kings.”


    Anna did a lovely job with "Hark the Herald Angels Sing."
    Anna did a lovely job with
    “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”


    "What Child is This," was played by Annalie.
    “What Child is This,” was played by Annalie.


    Caroline played "A Pachelbel Christmas."
    Caroline played “A Pachelbel Christmas.”


    "Angels We Have Heard on High," was played by Cole.
    “Angels We Have Heard on High,” was played by Cole.


    Dylan put us in the Christmas mood by playing "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year."
    Dylan put us in the Christmas mood by playing “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

    Myles played in 3/4 time for "Skater's Waltz"Myles played in 3/4 time for “Skater’s Waltz”

    How it all Started

    It all started  when I took an interest inventory at school.  I was teaching 2nd grade at the time and as part of an in-service, we were asked to take an interest inventory.  I scored very high in the music section and if you were to look at it, you would think I was supposed to be teaching music.  Everyone knows that ‘you can’t make money being a musician’, so I taught.

    Then, some people at church asked me if I would teach their children piano.  They had seen my husband leading worship at our church, and I played the piano.  At first, I said, “No.”  I honestly didn’t think I would be very good at it.  Yes, I played in church.  Yes, I had taught children in public school, but I didn’t think I could do it.

    They were very persistent, and I finally gave in.  I told them I would do it on a trial basis–and if it didn’t work, we would stop.   And so I started with a family of 3 children.   Our first recital was at Christmas in my home.  It didn’t really occur to me that more people might want lessons from me.  After that, word got around our church and I added 3 more students.  I was enjoying not only having a little extra cash, but sharing my love of music with other people.  We had made the decision to home school our two oldest children and teaching piano was flexible.  I was able to do it when I wanted and do it from my home.

    The following year, we made a decision to actually advertise.  My husband painted a simple sign that said, “piano lessons” with my phone number on it.  We put it on the back of the fence (which faces a busy road.)  I loved doing what I was doing, but really never thought there would be other people that wanted lessons.  That year, I had 36 students!  I was so surprised that people actually wanted to pay me to teach their children.

    Well, since then, we have had at least one recital a year, and often two recitals.  This year, we did a Christmas recital and will be doing a spring recital.  I love teaching children one-on-one and getting to know their personalities.  I can tailor my lessons around each student, not a class full of students.  Each child is different and has different ways they learn.   Every year, I have tried something different with my approach to lessons.  A few years ago, we did a duet recital where the students were paired together and did a duet.  (What a learning experience!)  We also did some improvisation.   This year, I have added group lessons to my schedule.  Once a quarter, all my students will get together and I will teach something in a group setting.  This has been so fun!  And it has also been very good for the students to listen to each other play and even critique each other–in a positive way.  We have also been working on composing our own pieces.  It is so exciting to hear some of the pieces they have come up with.  Some children have an easy time with this, and others have a very difficult time, but it has been rewarding, just the same.

    I never thought that I would be able to do something I love and actually get paid for it.  I go to work most days excited at what I can learn and what I can teach my students.  I’m able to teach from home and still spend time with my family, but also do something I find extremely rewarding!  🙂

    The importance of Sight Reading

    Sight reading is taking a piece of music you have never seen before and playing/singing it in its entirety without stopping.  The goal being, that you make very little mistakes. You need to take several things into consideration when you do this.  You must recognize the notes (and their positions), watch the rhythm, look for problem spots and watch your fingering.  This is a lot to try to remember when you are playing a piece that is unknown to you.

    The first thing I tell students to do is to find their position on the keyboard.  After they have found that, they should look at the time signature.  Determine what their counting will be like.  Depending on their ability, I may ask them to actually write in the counting in the music.  Then, they should find the dynamic markings and look for slurs and/or staccatos.  Thirdly, a student should examine the music for any problem spots.  This could be as simple as finding out intervals between notes, a rhythm issue, or fingering.  They should look at the music and try to determine beforehand how they will handle it.  Then, keeping a steady tempo, they should attempt to play the piece without stopping.

    This will develop the ease at which they play their other music.  It is much easier to pick up a piece of music once you have heard it before, so if a student can plunk out the melody on a song, they will be that much further ahead when they actually play the song.  As I teacher, I try to help students by playing a FEW pieces for them–on occasion.  Once a student reaches a certain ability, however, it is necessary for them to “work it out on their own” instead of “parroting,” the song (what they heard played.)  They can now figure it out for themselves.

    Some students are working out of a book called “Line – A- Day” sight reading by Bastien.  It is an excellent book to start out with.  They are leveled for the ability of the student and it takes a line of music to attempt to sight read each day, using the rules I mentioned above.

    When students keep up their sight reading, they will be comfortable looking at new pieces instead of being intimidated.

    Christmas Recital

    Our Christmas recital is coming up!  This  year, we will be at New Hope Christian Fellowship in Virginia Beach.  I was very pleased that we were permitted to use their facility, since there is so much more room than there was at the previous Christmas recitals.  It will be on Sunday, December 5th at 3:30.  I am asking children to arrive between 3 and 3:15 so we can try out the piano and go over last minute instructions.

    Please have your child wear their “Sunday Best,” which would mean something they would wear to church on a special occasion.  Floor length gowns and tuxedos are NOT NECESSARY.  Please no jeans or sneakers.

    The recital will begin at 3:30 sharp and we have the facility until 5:00.  If you want to take photos, you can take them after I give instructions before the recital or directly afterward.  I will be posting photos to my website, so if you are opposed to having your child’s picture up, please let me know.  (Only with first names, not last names.)

    Many of you have already let me know that you will be attending, but if you haven’t let me know, please email me, give me a call, or you can just tell me at your next lesson.

    All pieces have to be memorized, so the children need to make sure they have their song down.  I have already told the children my expectations, and most of them are memorizing their songs now.  Please make sure they can do their songs without music.  🙂




    I am in the process of getting Christmas music together for the recital in December.  That is always a fun thing for me to do.  There are some really fun pieces I hope some of my students will be able to play.  I even found a song that I absolutely love playing.  I’m considering doing it for the recital, so you all know that I can actually play piano.  🙂  But I’m finding that it isn’t as easy as I first thought.

    Oh, I can play the piece all right.  I can play it in tempo with the right dynamics and the right rhythms and all that stuff.  The thing I am having a problem with is MEMORIZATION.  Do you remember when you were a child?  It seems like children have great abilities when it comes to memorization.  I could play a piece for a week and have it memorized.  I could learn my choir music easily.  But now?  Oh good grief!  I am having such difficulty trying to memorize this piece.  Is it age?  Did I really get old and forget how to do that?

    The thing is, I expect all the students to have their pieces memorized by the time of the recital.  If I want to play this piece, I can only give myself the same expectation that I give my students, which is to have it memorized.  I have been working on memorizing the first page for a month!  That is crazy!  And I still don’t have it down.  There are only 3 pages!  Mrs. Rohr had better kick it up a notch so she can get this done.

    If you don’t hear me play at the recital, it isn’t because I can’t play. (I play at church often.) It is because I couldn’t get the piece memorized!  🙂

    Look for your children to be coming home with some Christmas music soon.  I know you probably don’t want to hear “Jingle Bells” this early in the season, but if we want to have the music memorized, we need to start soon.

    New Floor!

    After having some problems with allergies and the like, we put down hardwood flooring and tile in the studio. There is much less dust and it will be easier to keep clean.  Come in and have a look!  I’m very happy with the way it turned out.