Christmas Recital

Our Christmas recital is coming up!  This  year, we will be at New Hope Christian Fellowship in Virginia Beach.  I was very pleased that we were permitted to use their facility, since there is so much more room than there was at the previous Christmas recitals.  It will be on Sunday, December 5th at 3:30.  I am asking children to arrive between 3 and 3:15 so we can try out the piano and go over last minute instructions.

Please have your child wear their “Sunday Best,” which would mean something they would wear to church on a special occasion.  Floor length gowns and tuxedos are NOT NECESSARY.  Please no jeans or sneakers.

The recital will begin at 3:30 sharp and we have the facility until 5:00.  If you want to take photos, you can take them after I give instructions before the recital or directly afterward.  I will be posting photos to my website, so if you are opposed to having your child’s picture up, please let me know.  (Only with first names, not last names.)

Many of you have already let me know that you will be attending, but if you haven’t let me know, please email me, give me a call, or you can just tell me at your next lesson.

All pieces have to be memorized, so the children need to make sure they have their song down.  I have already told the children my expectations, and most of them are memorizing their songs now.  Please make sure they can do their songs without music.  🙂