Another Season

Piano lessons started for fall this Monday and I am enjoying seeing all my students again.  After our June recital, I was so sad to see four students move away.  That is what happens when you live in an area like this, though.  Military people are here for a few years and then gone.  I always end up with more students, though.  I have some really great families already and have added 6 new families!

My website is updated–thanks to my wonderful husband.  I am especially happy about my studio “makeover.”  Again, my husband was the one who spearheaded that!  I was asking his opinion about hanging a poster on some wall and he told me that he couldn’t even look at the wall because it was full of soot. (because I love to burn candles.)  He decided we needed to paint–not just the walls, but the ceiling, since the soot was also on the white ceiling.  And…as things often go in our house, he decided he needed to build me a new desk, some shelves, refinish the floor and move the freezer…So we got started bright and early on Saturday (Yes, the Saturday before lessons started on Monday.)  We spent the entire day painting with some help from our oldest son’s friends.  (Thank you Alex, Adam, and Christina!)  And we did a coat of  polyurethane on the floor before bed.  Early on Sunday morning, we went to Home Depot to get more paint for the accent wall and finished painting another coat.  My husband built me a desk while I put another coat of poly on the floor.  When the desk was finished, I got to paint it.  It fits perfectly in the corner of my studio.  We hung pictures and stuff on Sunday night and moved everything back in. We make a great team!  It was a packed full weekend!  Needless to say, I will not be burning anymore candles.  I do have a wax melting device given to me by a wise parent.  I can get the lovely smell without the dirt.

Well, the week has been great so far!  I’ve met most of my new students and got to catch up with my regulars.  I’ve been enjoying finding some new material for the year and can’t wait to share it with you all.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful year.